Ca' Noghera's Birthday

On Saturday 25th August, Ca’ Noghera Casino turns 19 and celebrates with the Simpsons!
From 7:30 pm, inauguration of the slot machines inspired by America’s most famous cartoon.
Typical street food from the USA, games, live music, performances and 30 incredible slot machine jackpots distributed with the random system, all in the company of Homer and his friends,
for a "WOO - HOO!” night.

With the regular admission ticket to the gaming rooms:
- A multi-coupon ticket with all the coupons to participate in the games and entertainment organised on the premises of Ca’ Noghera Casino from 8:00 pm to 01:00 am.
- A multi-coupon ticket to access the street food areas.
- Cutting of the cake at midnight.
- From 5:00 pm to 03:00 am, 30 jackpots each with a value of Euro 555,00 in non-convertible slot machine tickets distributed with the random system.
- If you visit Ca’ Noghera at least three times during the weekends of August preceding the birthday, you will receive Euro 30, 00 in non-convertible chips to play at the gaming tables. If you visit at least once, you will receive a gadget from Casinò di Venezia.


In case of bad weather conditions, the event is to be held indoors and participants will be admitted until the rooms are filled to capacity.
The scheduled events of the evenings may be subject to variations.
Entrance to the rooms is allowed only to an adult public with a valid ID.
Casinò di Venezia reserves the right to cancel or modify the rules of the entertainment games.
These changes will not affect the already assigned free gadgets: therefore, such measures will not have retroactive effect but only for the future.


Entertainment Games

From 8 PM to 1 AM

Wheel of Fortune
The player spins the Wheel featuring 24 colored sections, including 8 red ones, 8 black ones and 8 green ones. If the ticker lands on one of the green segments, the player will be given a free ticket slot to be used at Ca' Noghera casino. Should the section be black or red, the player will receive a free gadget from Casinò di Venezia.

The Bottle Game
At “Moe’s Tavern" you will be welcomed with 20 silhouettes of beer bottles, a ball and your ability to hit and knock down at least one of them. If you do, you will get a free slot ticket that can be used at Ca’ Noghera casino. If not, you’ll get a free gadget from Casinò di Venezia.

Water Dunk
A tank full of water and a target to hit. The player who succeeds at soaking the entertainer will be given a free ticket slot to be used at Ca’ Noghera casino. If the entertainer manages to stay dry, dry the participant will receive a free gadget from Casinò di Venezia.

Shooting Gallery Game
Play with the Simpsons at the shooting gallery! If you succeed at throwing the ball into one of the holes, you will get a slot ticket which can be used at Ca’ Noghera casino. If you don’t, you will receive a free gadget from Casinò di Venezia.